Upcoming Dates

4 course menu

R500 per person

22 - 24 September 2018

Eat | Art

Experience the B’bos Art Route on a plate. Enjoy our take on a  4 course menu inspired by creative works by Artists of the village . Visualise, realise and tantalise taste buds after a morning of art  viewing. Relax over lunch and take in the organic garden from which our menu produce is sourced and stretch your legs between courses in the magic “Bos”. Don’t hurry back home, it’s a long weekend with lots to do and see or…just kick back!


27 - 29 October 2018

Mediterranean Inspiration: Corsica

Catch the Bandit if you can!- Enjoy classic French fayre with just a drop more heart, soul and love of the land plus a kick of underlying rebellion. Expect Italian and Catalan twists and turns to keep you curious throughout our “Carte du Jour”  The beautiful island, the classics, the favourites on your plate….watch out for the kick!

24 - 26 November 2018

Mediterranean Inspiration: Malta

Gozatin, real earth epicureanism! This standalone, sandstone cluster of islands has stood tall as the gateway to the Mediterranean from the East for centuries and today has a food culture all of its own! Proper like the English, fierce like the invaders, whole earth like the soil in the fertile valleys, traditional like the Maltese way of life and new like they welcome tourism and foreign investment. There are no menu rules with this one… it’s history and modern day on a plate!

December 2018 dates to be confirmed.